Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter Paperback

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Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter Paperback          Now In Stock

Book 1 of the Converstions With Sasquatch Series.   6 x 9 Paperback- 110 pages.  

Just who are these elusive creatures?  What is happening where Sasquatch's and man's realities intersect?  Is that intersecting point a portal for disaster or a possible salvation for some of the woes of mankind?

Conversations With Sasquatch takes us on a mind-altering passage into and out of the realm of Cross Over, a parallel Earth Universe created and populated by Earth's Forest People, the Sasquatch.  This unsual and fancinating journey opens with our author hunting for morel mushrooms on a ridge overlooking Big Creek near the small town of Lewiston, Michigan.

Loquius, a conversant and gentle Sasquatch, gifts our author with a magical stone called the Stone Without Time.  This stone is an ancient relic once held by a Chippewa Medicine Man.  The stone is filled the visions and magic of the Sasquatch.  It is a window into a world visited by only a few.  It is life among the Sasquatch.  

A recent review from a reader:

Richard Rensberry your superb writing is so visual. I feel as though I can see, hear, taste what you are experiencing. Please continue to share your writing.  Thanks for accepting my friend request. I have a few authors in my friends list so I appreciate your name being added to that list. Before I retired a few years ago, I worked in the PR office at a liberal arts college in Pennsylvania... that fact does not matter other than I recognize the marketing and writing value of what you do. Mostly, I just really enjoy your story telling about Big Foot! Reading your bio explains your way with words and how they paint a literal picture. It seems so real and from the heart, doesn't every author want to hear that? Thank you for sharing your writing/experiences on the various Big Foot pages. I'm ready for part 9! Take care.

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