Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter eBook

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Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter eBook

Book 1 of the Converstions With Sasquatch Series.   6 x 9 Paperback- 110 pages.  

Just who are these elusive creatures?  What is happening where Sasquatch's and man's realities intersect?  Is that intersecting point a portal for disaster or a possible salvation for some of the woes of mankind?

Conversations With Sasquatch takes us on a mind-altering passage into and out of the realm of Cross Over, a parallel Earth Universe created and populated by Earth's Forest People, the Sasquatch.  This unsual and fancinating journey opens with our author hunting for morel mushrooms on a ridge overlooking Big Creek near the small town of Lewiston, Michigan.

Loquius, a conversant and gentle Sasquatch, gifts our author with a magical stone called the Stone Without Time.  This stone is an ancient relic once held by a Chippewa Medicine Man.  The stone is filled the visions and magic of the Sasquatch.  It is a window into a world visited by only a few.  It is life among the Sasquatch.  

A recent review from a reader:

"Richard Rensberry your superb writing is so visual. I feel as though I can see, hear, taste what you are experiencing. Please continue to share your writing.  Thanks for accepting my friend request. I have a few authors in my friends list so I appreciate your name being added to that list. Before I retired a few years ago, I worked in the PR office at a liberal arts college in Pennsylvania... that fact does not matter other than I recognize the marketing and writing value of what you do. Mostly, I just really enjoy your story telling about Big Foot! Reading your bio explains your way with words and how they paint a literal picture. It seems so real and from the heart, doesn't every author want to hear that? Thank you for sharing your writing/experiences on the various Big Foot pages. I'm ready for part 9! Take care."  Linda Mecca Green

More reviews:

"This was a really fun and unique read, I enjoyed getting to know the Sasquatch family and enjoyed going through this story."  Kay McLeer, Reviewer United States

"Loved the book cover (although I see it has provoked mixed opinions) loved the idea of a book about Sasquatch, and enjoyed the story."  Rachel Jones, Reviewer United Kingdom

"You definitely have a gift with words. Thank you for sharing. Did you do the illustration yourself? It is also very creative."  Jackie Imoff    

"This is very well written. I have trouble getting into stories, but I think I could reread this over and over. I always think that the Forest people need an ambassador to speak for them. It would be interesting to know what they know, since they are so ancient and connected to the earth. I can’t wait to read the rest of your story!"  Lauren Elizabeth McvCormick


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    Posted by Lynn Deen on Nov 10th 2021

    Lovely, Delightful, and a Current Event -- Another opportunity for us to wake up - not "Woke" - no, but "Awaken". The story pulled me in - thank you!